So... somebody gave you their two cents.


Life is hard enough to navigate as it is on your own. Between a plethora of well-meaning opinions from people around us to online articles that aim to educate and mass media that suggests our ideal lifestyle, we are inundated with thoughts from people relentlessly each day.

I've been thinking about this recently while embarking on my journey of intentional living: what makes an opinion worth listening to? Why do I accept the thoughts of some people, but not others? What validates them?

What usually colours the validity of someone's opinion is the source of the opinion itself, regardless of how wise it may be. I find myself falling into this trap frequently. There are times when I look at a person and think that they are so different from me, or stand for different values... what could I possibly learn from them? I have missed many wise words because of this.

Lately, I've learnt not to dismiss someone else's criticism or advice so easily, especially when they offer different perspectives. The value of that piece of information is in the fact that I probably can't see what they're talking about and it may be a blindspot that I need to address.

Of course, this doesn't mean that I'll accept snide remarks or comments that are of no value to me (or even degrade my value). Obviously, I'll have to discern prayerfully what I should accept and what I should not. No one should ever have to accept something that was purely meant for harm. We've got to be wise. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Let no one tell us otherwise.