A day out with the Canon S120.

Some of you may know that I own a Canon Powershot S120. It's awesome for taking HD video.

Although I love my Ricoh GR dearly, I have discovered that it's absolutely horrible for video. I'm fairly sure that greater support for video can be added in future firmware updates, but I'm not holding out for that. It's primarily a photographer's tool after all.

Enter the S120, which is brilliant for video. The files that result are extremely crisp. For a camera that compact, it's a fantastic on-the-go tool. However, the geek in me wanted to put the S120 through its paces as a camera for street shooting just to see how it would fare against the GR.

I'll let the photos do the talking.

As you can see, the S120's photos are nowhere near the GR's in terms of quality and "feel". I love  how organic the images are on the GR. Of course, it's ridiculous comparing them both as the GR has an APS-C sensor while the S120 does not. If I wasn't spoiled by the GR though, I'd totally commit to the S120. Unfortunately, my eyes have seen the light (so to speak).

I love these two compacts though - one for photography and the other for video. Hopefully I'll be able to post a vlog or two with the footage from the S120 soon.

As it stands right now, I'm carting around two compacts daily. Thankfully, they don't weigh a ton!