Monday morning routine.

I love Mondays. Not just because it's my day off and I get to sleep in a little longer, but also due to the fact that I get to enjoy my day at my own pace and not someone else's.

The mornings are best spent doing things that are of utmost importance to you, that require your fullest attention. Truthfully, I never used to be a morning person until I realised the merits of waking up early and getting a head start on your day.

Of course there are days when I am completely comatose and don't wake up till I'm way past the time of my scheduled plans (that's another story haha).

Lately, my morning routine goes somewhat like this:

  1. Wash up
  2. Make a cup of tea (currently Marks & Spencers English Breakfast Tea)
  3. Begin my to-do list (usually organisation and housework)

I moved my devotions to the mornings as I get so tired after a long work day and can't concentrate well at night.

What do you do on the mornings of your day off?