Friends and phases.

As I grow older and move through different phases of my life, I've realised one thing:

Friendships are seasonal.

Sometimes, through no fault of our own. Perhaps you've moved to another continent or to another job. Both parties are busy and as a result, you hardly have the opportunity to meet. Life happens and people move on. Close friends become acquaintances and people you hardly knew become your best buds.

I'm a firm believer that your investment in a relationship determines how strong it is. And on hindsight, I would say I've let some friendships slide simply because I wasn't intentional about them. It's regrettable.

I wouldn't say I have many close friends. In fact, I can probably count them with the fingers of one hand. A few of them, I have known for more than a decade, others are close because of the season I find myself in.

Whatever the case is, I've learned to treasure the moment, enjoy the friendships and as life unfolds, take things in stride. Yet, I'm determined to make better investment choices.